• La Plata Electric warns of potential impersonator


    Community members alerted to so-called LPEA employee telephoning late-night

    DURANGO, Colo. – La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) is asking local residents to be alert for an individual (or individuals) supposedly representing LPEA, placing late-night phone calls to homeowners to discuss “unusually high” electricity use at the location and warning of impending higher bills. If such a phone call is received, members are asked to note the phone number on the caller ID, if available.

    “LPEA does not make late-night phone calls for billing issues or service calls,” said Dennis Svanes, LPEA CFO. “If our members question their bills, and if in examination of an account we find something that could be questionable with our equipment, all those phone calls and appointments are done during regular business hours.”

    In the event of a true electrical outage or emergency, LPEA crews will access exterior equipment on private property to affect repairs. Official LPEA personnel will inform homeowners by phone, if appropriate.

    “It is very, very rare that an LPEA employee would be contacting anyone unsolicited at night,” said Steve Gregg, manager of operations. “Our employees all have photo identification badges, so if someone does come to your door stating they’re from LPEA, ask for their ID, and if they don’t produce it, close the door and call the authorities.”

    LPEA asks that any additional member-customers who have recently received similar unsolicited phone calls from supposed LPEA personnel contact the cooperative, 970.247.5786, or if an immediate threat is perceived, contact authorities.

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