• A tale of two programs

    Green power stickerLike the new look?

    LPEA has updated its graphics for the Green Power programs, celebrating members’ increased involvement in supporting renewable energy. The new “look” also signals the LPEA Board of Directors’ commitment to a formal process for applying the Voluntary Green Power fund monies to local projects, helping further the memberships’ renewable energy goals.

    “We always endeavor to be proactive,” says Ron Meier, manager of engineering and member relations. “So we continue to explore ways to develop more local renewable projects, which is something our members have requested, but we need the involvement of the membership.”

    “Do remember, LPEA is a distribution cooperative,” says CEO Mike Dreyspring. “We’re responsible for getting power to the end users. We’re not a generation company, so we do not build or run projects that generate electricity, renewable or not. This doesn’t mean we don’t support distributing electricity from renewable resources. We’ve developed the Green Power programs to help facilitate support of renewable energy.”

    The two Green Power programs enable LPEA members to make minimal monthly contributions to participate in further development of renewable generation.
    The Voluntary Renewable fund isn’t tied to any specific power generation. The fund accumulates dollars directly contributed by LPEA members for support of local renewable projects. Last year, LPEA, using these donated dollars, helped with a solar installation now powering a low income housing facility’s water system at Southwest Horizons Ranch, and helped finance installation of a solar array to off-set electricity costs at the Socorro Senior Living facility in Pagosa Springs.

    “This fund is completely voluntary,” says Dreyspring. “If you’d like to help out, give us a call and ask to contribute to the fund. Each month, your contribution – at whatever amount you specify – will be added to your electric bill.”

    Renewable stickerThe second, and long-time established Green Power program is a direct off-set of the electricity used by members. Members can pay an additional 9 cents per 100 kilowatt hour block to off-set their electricity used through renewable energy generated by LPEA’s wholesale power provider, Tri-State Generation and Transmission. Commercial members often opt for this program to off-set their electricity consumption and be “100 percent green-powered.”

    “Both of these programs are valuable and provide our members with tools to achieve their renewable objectives,” says Meier.

    Call (970.247.5786) or stop by LPEA’s offices to sign up to participate in the Green Power program that meets your renewable goals – and get a new promotional decal to celebrate your involvement.

    LPEA recognizes Member Services Representative Aubrey Gillespie for her artistic inspiration of the new promotional designs, and thanks Cindy Coleman of Duck Girl Art for the further development and refinement of the images.