• Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Heater

    ETS heaters are 100% efficient units designed to provide low cost heat, 24 hours a day. By using electricity during Off Peak hours (those times during the day and night when usage is lower and electricity is cheaper), ETS units provide heat at costs lower than most other energy sources.

    Heating costs for 2000 sq. ft home (2014)

    During off-peak hours, the ETS unit’s heating elements convert electricity to heat which is stored in high density ceramic bricks. The bricks are surrounded by high efficiency insulation which allows them to hold great amounts of heat for long periods of time. A fan evenly and quietly distributes the heat to your home during higher cost, on-peak hours. Built-in thermostats allow you to easily maintain a desired temperature.

    LPEA's Energy Efficiency Credits program makes ETS heat even more economical by offering you credits based on the number and size of ETS heaters you purchase.

    LPEA offers heaters manufactured in the U.S.A. by the Steffes Corporation

    ETS sizing

    ETS 2100

    The number of ETS heaters house needs depends on your home’s properties such as square feet of rooms, type and amount of insulation, size of windows and types of window coverings, etc. A La Plata Electric representative will do a “sizing” of your home and a basic heat loss calculation to determine the number and size of ETS heaters necessary to comfortably heat your home.

    ETS heaters come in sizes to fit:

    ETS pricing and payment options

    Payment Options

    Optional equipment

    Use of LPEA meter for timer control

    For ETS customers with heaters being controlled by LPEA’s meter (via a power line carrier transceiver or direct wired), your heaters will be allowed to charge for a minimum of 12 hours per day during off-peak times.  LPEA staggers the start times for charging both in the morning and evenings.  This schedule will be the same 7 days a week.  Your heaters will start charging no later than 11:30 am in the morning and by 11:00 pm at night.  If you have any questions please contact LPEA.

    Programming Time Clocks


    The equipment described herein is intended for installation in accordance with applicable local, state and national electrical codes and must be installed by a licensed electrician. LPEA maintains a list of licensed electricians who have completed ETS Technical Training.

    ETS Trained Contractors

    The electrical/plumbing/heating contractors listed below have attended a Steffes training session on the proper installation and wiring of Electric Thermal Storage heat units and associated equipment within the past two years.

    Contact the Electrical/Plumbing/Heating Contractor for installation cost estimates.

    Durango - Bayfield - Ignacio - Cortez

    Phillips Electric


    KW Electric


    Moonlight Electric


    A to Z Electric


    Durango Electric


    Priority Plumbing


    Apex Electrical


    Loreman Ser/Maintenance


    Vince Akin


    Jetco Electric


    Pagosa Springs

    Hall Electric


    R.S. Electric


    Pagosa Electrical


    Wire Werx


    Arboles Electric Inc.


    Bauer Electric


    Electric Company




    Need more information?

    La Plata County residents call Suzy Bynum at 970.382.3506 or send an email to sbynum@lpea.coop.
    In Archuleta County, contact Debbie Bass at 970.382.7722 or dbass@lpea.coop.