• Energy Efficiency Audit Rebate

    Is your home or office building as energy efficient as it could be?

    La Plata Electric Association would like to help….

    LPEA’s Board of Directors has approved a new policy (Policy 367) and program to financially assist members who take the “next steps” in energy efficiency through a professional energy audit. Rebates are now available for both businesses and residents.

    Effective October 15, 2014, LPEA customers who secure a professional energy audit and make at least one energy efficiency upgrade suggested in that audit, may receive a one-time Energy Efficiency Audit Rebate:

    Energy Audit Rebate Application

    One of the best ways to lower your electric bill is through energy efficiency. For many years LPEA has supported members in energy efficiency efforts, and the cooperative still offers complimentary energy assessments. LPEA Energy Management Advisors provide valuable information and tips for using less energy and improving the efficiency of homes and offices. To arrange a complimentary energy assessment call 970.247.5786.

    The “next step” to help save energy, beyond the simple LPEA energy assessment, is arranging for a professional energy audit. Because professional energy auditors do assess fees for services, the LPEA board has voted to assist members with rebates to encourage the investment in energy efficiency.

    Certified auditors will outline specifically where your home is costing you extra precious dollars, and if you make those changes or upgrades, you will likely find the “payback” from the professional energy audit IS worth the investment.

    All customers within LPEA’s service territory are eligible for the Energy Efficiency Audit Rebate and will be required to provide LPEA with a copy of the audit and paid invoice. Certified auditors will also provide LPEA with confirmation of customers’ energy audits performed to ensure proper rebate credit.
    Total amount of rebates, combined with other entities such as Atmos Energy or the City of Durango, cannot exceed the cost of the audit. See Energy Audit Rebate Policy 367.

    LPEA has no affiliation with any professional auditor. To review a list of professional energy auditors located in La Plata and Archuleta counties, visit Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE)., www.fourcore.org.

    4CORE's Energy Rater (Auditor) Directories: