• Community Solar Gardens

    Solar gardens (or “solar farms”) are distributed solar electric generation facilities from which consumers can purchase “shares” or panels accounting for a specified amount of solar generation. LPEA’s policy will enable its members who have poor or no solar rooftop space, an opportunity to participate in solar electric generation. The CSGs can potentially also allow renters, low-income members and others unable to install solar generation the ability to own interests in solar generation facilities.

    LPEA will not develop or manage any of the CSGs. LPEA members will need to contract directly with a Subscriber Organization to participate.

    The LPEA Disclaimer form must be completed by each Subscriber according to the CSG Policy 366 Requirements Section I.

    Community Solar Garden Subscriber Organizations

    Armadillo Community Solar Garden            
    Contact Name: Gene Fisher
    Phone #: 970.749.3295
    Email: genefisher6@gmail.com
    Website Link: www.armadillocsg.com
    Fax: None

    Durango Solar Gardens/Shaw Solar
    Contact Name: John Shaw
    Phone # 970.759.1227
    Email: john@shawsolar.com
    Website link: www.shawsolar.com
    Fax: None

    Sun Mesa Solar Gardens
    Contact Name: Ben Jason, Managing Partner
    Phone #: 970.749.2453
    Email: Ben@LivingSolar.net
    Website link: www.livingsolar.net
    Fax: 970.247.8781

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